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  • Product Name : G603 granite Tile
    Size : 7
    Country of Origin : China
    Contact : Sherry (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • G603,China Granite,chinese granite,sesame white granite
    300*300,400*400,600*300,600*600(1/1.8/2/3cm etc)

    White Granite (G603,China Granite,chinese granite,sesame white granite)

    1) Granite tiles and marble tiles :
      standard sizes: 30.5x30.5, 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60cm, thickness 0.8 / 1 /
    1.2 / 1.5/ 2/ 3cm etc.
      top polished/ flamed/ antiqued/ bushhammered/ sandblasted/ ,,,
    Granite and marble slabs:
                small slabs:180-300x60-70-80x2/3cm,etc
                 big slabs: 240-300x120-200x2/3cm, top polished/ flamed,
    2)Natural Granite and marble Stone Countertops,/ kitchen tops/ vanity tops, etc,

    their sizes are for example as followed:
    3) Kitchen Countertop: 24";x96";, 26";x96";, 28";x96";, 28";x108"; etc.
       Countertop Peninsula: 36";x78";, 39";x78"; & 28";x78"; etc.
       Countertop Island: 66";x42";, 84";x42"; & 86 x42";Island or even bigger
       Countertop Snack Bar: 12";x78";&amp;15";x78"; Island (snack bar) <br>Other
    sizes are available upon detailed requirement